Medical Research Foundation(MRF)

About us

The Medical Research Foundation (MRF) was established on June 27, 2008. The foundation was registered to serve as the legal body for contract process with granting agency, coordinating with local and international institutes, for the Consortium of the Thai Medical Schools Multi-center Collaborative Research Coordination Network (CRCN), then changed to MedResNet.

1. To enhance the clinical knowledge and the patient’s care improvement
2. To develop the health research management systems, especially in Multi-center
3. To support and facilitate the effective clinical research project management and clinical database management
4. To develop professional clinical research personnel
5. To collaborate with other charitable organizations for social benefit
6. To provide the consulting service on research development; research database management for governmental sector; state-owned enterprises; organizations and the private sector.
7. Not involved in any political sector.


Since 27th June 2008.